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Free Initial Consultation - Phone - Fax - E-Mail

As a free service to existing and potential clients we offer initial free initial consultation to guide you in finding a direct no-nonsense approach to resolving your problem. We have more than 40 years of direct field hands-on experience across a broad range of sophisticated high technology fields.

It is best that you solve simple problems on your own without our involvement and we will help you identify those. We do specialize in the solving of your most difficult problems and only want to be involved when the situation truly requires our help.

Experience has shown us that we only want "win win" circumstances for our clients and since it is expensive to travel to your site to find a simple "PC" problem - we would rather give you free advice than for you to be surprised with a bill that could have replaced the unit instead of our services. However, if the situation warrants it, we will respond on short notice. Let us know about your problem.

So when you have a sticky unsolvable problem just fax, phone or e-mail us a description of the problem with all known circumstances and we will try to guide you as to your next step. (We, however, can not accept responsibility for the actions you take, but will try to help you.)