"Clean Grounding - We Help You Clean Them Up!"

 A Little About Our Company:

Having long been involved in computer environments with IBM, UNIVAC, EMI and GE Medical Systems and spent many years in the "field", domestic and abroad, I thought there was a strong need for a company that could assist companies without internal expertise, specializing in computer / power / grounding / environments and their special designs.  

Those who seemed to be available in this field were always peddling their products and offering free services to "sell" their instruments, products or software.  So we offer a different concept and never try to offer a customer anything other than Professional Quality Services as a business concept.  And to only ethically serve the needs of our clients with good customer service.

Hence this company was founded in December of 1984 while I was the Central Region engineer for GE Medical Systems CT & MRI systems.

Our passive marketing approach is to never bother a potential / existing customer with unnecessary phone calls, but to be available when needed to help resolve issues.  We know what its like to be bothered with that too.  Good customer service is our marketing along with this web site, referrals and a few brochures.  When you have problems - we will be there for you.   Our largest investments are equipment, communication and reporting tools to assist customers globally.  Voip, email, fax via email global communications have been incorporated into our business operations for a worldwide reach for both of our offices.

We began serving clients in 1985 with Power Quality seminars, for a client, and have grown into a a small company providing a full range of cost-effective Professional Quality Services serving a diverse client base. This includes service organizations, insurance companies, stock and commoditiy exchanges, hospitals, businesses, leasing companies, MIS departments, railroads, phone companies, military facilities, industrial & manufacturing facilities, POS, mobile CT and MRI, etc.  This list grows yearly.

We are now beginning our 26th year and renamed ourself "COMPUTER POWER & GROUNDING CONSULTANTS, Inc.", to better convey our services by name, since almost every business entity now contains sensitive processors from embedded microprocessors and PLC's that run production facilities to the now more rare mainframe computers.  

In 1997 we acquired a new location near Knoxville, TN as our new corporate office with quick access to two major regional airports.  This location also places us within a few hours driving distance of 55% of Americas east coast business's.  We also have a location in Lake Forest, IL, near Chicago's O'Hare airport, for quick access to global transportation services to better respond to our midwest and global clients.

We maintain a strict code of ethics involving our independence of choice for our clients. We also affirm that we always stand up and be heard strictly in our clients best interest - come what may - to protect them.   We are not resellers of products, software, or affiliated with or a subsidiary of any firms who do resell them. Our independence of the financial prospect of a potential purchase leaves us free to make the correct choices necessary to ethically serve our clients.

Our independence also assures you of the most cost effective way of addressing your specific needs - we have many solutions rather than one for most problems. Since most problems do not require any purchases to resolve we prefer not to "throw hardware at a problem", but to find the cause at the source. (And it generally is fairly simple to find and resolve.)

It does require talent and that is what we offer most to our clients along with strong customer service. Our rates may be a bit higher because we only offer services, but we believe there are no substitutes for Professional Quality Services and a willingness to tackle your most difficult problems. We are generally the ones who follow up when others fail.

Thanks for visiting our website. Perhaps we can serve you in the future.  If you have some difficult issue that you need assistance with just give us / me a call - perhaps we can find a solution for you. (800) 688- 3896 x1


President CPGC