Grounding Consultants



We are available for special engagements overseas and do so at our International Rates.  Advance notice is required for new Homeland Security clearances and customs regulations. 

Test equipment customs expense (surety bond, carnet bond) is paid in advance for the safe re-entry of same equipment back into the US.  Any customs leins incurred will be paid by client immediately and without delay. 

Alternatively:  If CBP allows our company to travel with equipment under NAFTA or other countries regulations using the clients means of bonding warehouses, or their import means of international transport of said equipment - client is also responsible for prompt return of our equipment.  We will work with client for the best and safest scenario and circumstances.

We have served our clients in the following countries:

England, Scotland, Germany, France, Bahamas, Jamaica, "Puerto Rico", Canada and most of the 50 states.