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Industrial Facilities n Telephone Companies n Information Technology Users

Healthcare Facilities n Financial Institutions n Government

High Tech Equipment Damage, Outages, Upset a Problem?

Let Us Train Your Personnel to Avoid Disasters...

(Power & Grounding Issues are Inter-related and are taught together.)

Corporate Training "On-Site" 


 Fixed prices for an unlimited amount of employees, our travel expenses, investigation and multimedia presentation to your employees using your training facilities: You provide training facilities, employee meals, coffee breaks etc, video projector or large screen TV, VHS player, you organize your internal attendance and provide us an assistant. We present a multimedia presentation via PowerPoint and unedited video of your issues and problems to bring home your issues to your employees.  We provide instructor / consultant (one person) and hardware displays to relate to your power and /or grounding problems and issues to your chosen audience.

Smaller classes, Q & A and direct airing of issues discovered allow direct interaction with consultant to address employees concerns about their problems and to help them better understand the issues involved. Result? Higher attention and retention levels and lower costs long-term.

 Each Seminar is a full one-day of each employee's time. (Investigation / Training assignments are subject to our available time.)
 Or soon for Individuals:

We are currently only offering the following Industry Specific Seminars directly to clients:

Seminars Currently Being Offered Direct to Clients:

  1. "Industrial Power & Grounding" (Lightning protection for oil refineries, Process Control Industries, explosive materials protection (grounding), industrial controls protection, etc. Foxboro, Bailey, Yokogawa, Fisher). This includes power protection philosophy from high voltage to the PC.
  2. "Telecommunications Power & Grounding" (from the subscriber's house to the Internet backbone - yes, this one was originally developed to address local telephone company issues - Nortel, Bellcore grounding, etc.)
  3. "Healthcare Power & Grounding" (Hospitals, High Tech Diagnostic Centers, etc, ICU's, Surgical Suites, Mobile Equipment - CT, MRI, Lith's, PET, Digital, X-Ray.)
  4. "Information Technology Power & Grounding" (LAN's, WAN's, Mainframes, Distributed Micro-processing, Multi-Building Facilities)
  5. "Sensitive Electronic Systems Power & Grounding" (How to achieve high uptime and reliability in hostile environments.)

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