Grounding Consultants

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Expert Grounding Consultant Services by General Type of Business

What will we do for you?

First we will ask a lot of questions about your problem. If your problem is simple and we can help you on the phone in our "Initial Consultation" then we are both winners. You - because your problem went away and - us - because we are not in the position of billing you for travel and time for a simple solution.

Second - should you need our services we will schedule time for traveling to your location to assist you. We will carry a large variety of specialized equipment for evaluating your environment as well as our experiences and specialized skills. During our visit to your facilities we will investigate and record the findings for our report. We carry a portable power line-monitoring instrument and place it into use during our visit.  We will lease additional equipment, if necessary, to get more detailed data on more difficult problems using "state of the art" equipment.

After we return to our office a report will be generated unless one was prepared and delivered before leaving and will reflect our findings and recommendations.

E-Mail or call us about your problems!